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Episode 15: Planning the Perfect Visit to Scotland with Kathi Kamleitner

Episode 15: Planning the Perfect Visit to Scotland with Kathi Kamleitner

On today’s show, I’m joined by Kathi Kamleitner of

Kathi is a travel planner, videographer, storyteller, and award-winning travel blogger who, after moving to Scotland in 2013, launched in 2016 to help travelers make the most of their visits to Scotland and hopefully fall in love with the county the same way she has since making Scotland her home.

At, Kathi creates well-designed travel itineraries and detailed destination guides for travelers to Scotland, and specializes in planning personalized itineraries to fit any traveler’s needs.  

In this episode, Kathi and I review several destinations of interest for Carmichaels such as the Carmichael Estate and the isle of Lismore — but we don’t stop there. Kathi expands on each destination and describes other interesting places nearby that might get overlooked without having an insider helping to plan your trip!

If you’re planning to travel to Scotland, visit to learn more about how you can have Kathi put her expertise to work for you so that your next trip to Scotland will be the trip of your dreams.

To learn more, visit, or find Kathi on Facebook and Instagram.

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